A letter from Timor-Leste teacher

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This week I received a letter from class teacher Martha Olivia from a school in Timor-Leste. She asked me to translate her letter into English and share it with her fellow teachers in Australia. 

At the moment, her class are making short films to share with their partner classroom in Australia.  I hope you enjoy reading her letter:


I hope all of you are in good condition. My name is Martha Olivia, I am living in Bobonaro district. I am a primary school teacher at  EEP Memo, a school near the border with Indonesia. 

In our school we have 525 students from Grade 1 up to Grade 7 and 16 teachers. We have 14 classes, but unfortunately we only have 6 working classroms.  The rest are in bad condition. That is why, we have 40 children in one class and half come in the morning and the rest in the afternoon.

The class that is linking with the two Australian classrooms are from Grade 6, class A and B. Together we have 72 children in Grade 6. 

During the weekend, we normally have a lot of activity with the children. We play soccer and basketball, and the soccer field is just in front of our school.

We hope that with this activity to share with each other and bring about a very good relationship, learning more about each other's backrounds and different activities.

Greetings from us....

Thank You,

From: Teacher Martha Olivia

Grade 6, Class B Teacher.