Welcome to Vietnam

Xin chào! ("Hello" in Vietnamese).

Do students in Vietnam go to school at the same time as you? Well, they go to school from Monday to Saturday for four hours a day. So, the school week is six days long! Is that different to your school routine?

Did you know?

Snails in Vietnam are a chewy but tasty treat!

Map of Vietnam
Let me see!
Let me see!
After school
After school
Bike riding is a common way to get to school
Bike riding is a common...
The Mekong River is the world's 10th-longest river, running through Vietnam, Laos, Burma, China, Thailand and Cambodia
The Mekong River is the...
Rice is a very important food in Vietnam
Rice is a very important...
The small elephant in the village
Traditional song
Those yellow chickens in the garden